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ENT Sets



ENT Instruments Set  
ENT Examination Set  
Myringotomy Set  
Aural Polepectomy Set  
Ear Foreign Body Removal Set  
Submucous Resection Set  
Mastoidectomy Set  
Tonsilectomy and Adeniodectomy Set  
Palatoplasty (Cleftpalate) Set  
Laryngofissure Set  
Tracheostomy Set  
Thyroidectomy Set  
Stapedectomy Set  
Tonsillectomy set  
Septorhinoplasty Set  
Tympanoplasty Set  
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To our country, to the entire world and to the future, we founded lifeCare Surgical. Starting from where others ended, adding the value of 20 years experience in the field of instrumentation. Offering products with the best quality that appreciate health care and doctors needs.