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Urology Sets


Nephrectomy , Nephrostomy Set  
Pyeloplasty and Ureterplasty Set  
Cystectomy Set  
Cystotomy / Cystostomy Set  
Ureterotomy & Ureterostomy Set  
Ureterolithotomy Set  
Urology Stone Set  
Vasectomy Set  
Perineral Prostatectomy Set  
Meatotomy Set  
Orchiectomy Set  
Urethral Dilator and Urethrotomy Set  
Circumcision Set  
Circumcision Set For Newborn  
Epispadias Repair Set  
Suprapucic and Reteopubic Prostatectomy Set  
Hypospadie Set  
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To our country, to the entire world and to the future, we founded lifeCare Surgical. Starting from where others ended, adding the value of 20 years experience in the field of instrumentation. Offering products with the best quality that appreciate health care and doctors needs.